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MIX: Burn Notice | Doing Bad Things With You | PG-13 | Larry/Michael

Title: Doing Bad Things With You
Fandom: Burn Notice
Rating: PG-13
Warning: References to violence/murder, references to sadism/masochism.
Pairing: Larry/Michael
Summary: Larry and dark!Michael's AU relationship.
Disclaimer: All copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. This work is not created for profit and constitutes fair use.
A/N: Because apparently this is what happens when Larry takes over my brain: a mix for my dark!Michael AU.

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Larry knows how to get what he wants, and he wants Michael.

One speed, full speed, that is all I need
They can eat my dust, hell yeah, rock on
Will you come along, do I have your trust?
It's a long way down, if you're getting this high
When I say now, you had better hold on tight

Don't Know How To Stop | Halestorm


With no good influences around him (i.e., Sam), Michael falls right into his hands.

When you came in the air went out
And all those shadows there filled up with doubt
I don't know who you think you are
But before the night is through
I wanna do bad things with you
I wanna do real bad things with you

Bad Things | Jace Everett


So when Larry gets sick of the CIA...

Intoxicated eyes
No longer live that life
You should have learned by now
I'll burn this whole world down
I need some peace of mind
No fear of what's behind
You think you've won this fight
You've only lost your mind

Had Enough | Breaking Benjamin


...Michael readily agrees with him.

But action is no gift from some covert and lofty god
It's dependant and weighty all the same
And it is oh so easy just to keep to yourself
But then you're at the mercy of imbeciles
Now I didn't make up the rules
But clearly we are led by fools
It is wise to know their ways
So you know how not to behave

At The Mercy of Imbeciles | Bad Religion


That's when they decide to fake their deaths and make their own way.

Take it and take it and take it and take it and take it all
Take it and take it and take it until you take us all
Smash it and crash it and thrash it and trash it
You know they're only toys
Try it you'll like it don't hide it don't fight it, just let it out
Steal and shoot it and kill it or take another route
Take it and take it and take it
You know they're only toys

Devour | Shinedown


With their own relationship...

Come on and give it to me
Take you to give it to me
Give it your best shot
My love is black and blue
Come on and give it to me
Take you to give it to me
Give it your best shot
Give it your best shot

Tell Me Where It Hurts | Halestorm


...unconventional as it is...

Feels so good being bad
There's no way I'm turning back
Now the pain is my pleasure
Cause nothing could measure

S&M | Rihanna


...and their own rules....

No escaping when I start
Once I'm in I own your heart
There's no way you'll ring the alarm
So hold on until it's over
Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?
'Cause it's about to get rough for you
I'm here for your entertainment

For Your Entertainment | Adam Lambert


...they do whatever they want.

I'm trouble
Yeah, trouble now
I'm trouble, ya'll
I got trouble in my town
If you see me coming
Down the street then
You know it's time to...go
(And you know it's time to go
'Cause here comes trouble)

Trouble | Pink


Whether that's Michael killing his father...

I'm like a ghost
I'll be living in a dirt room
Waiting for the day to be closer
To the window when you're home
I'll be standing by your back door
Reaching for the knife in my coat
I'm going to put it to your throat

Dirt Room | Blue October


...or Larry setting up jobs...

Standing on a twisted 2x4
Built your house, but forgot
To lock the door
I'm inside with two black eyes
I have not one shred of sympathy
I have no use for apologies

Sin With A Grin | Shinedown


...they can't be stopped.

Somewhere someone’s gun, someone’s gun is laughing
It’s not what I gave to you
It’s now what I sold
We are born like this
It’s not what I took from you
It’s not what I stole
We are born like this

Born Like This | Three Days Grace


They simply make a scarily effective team.

We are the sure fire winners
Uh-oh, yeah, big time hitters
We are the sure fire winners
Uh-oh, yeah, big time hitters
Bringing the heat and the word is out
Giving you something to shout about
We are, yeah, we are, we are the sure fire winners

Sure Fire Winners | Adam Lambert


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